5 comments on “Getting ready for a big night out – Hairdressers!

  1. My hairdresser in Fethiye is a very fashionable pirate looking guy from Nisantası İstanbul. He calls high lights > ‘High life’ 🙂

  2. Thanks for this Kozano. I definitely plan a visit to a hairdresser on my next visit to Istanbul for a bit of pampering.

    My husband has had the full Istanbul hair-dressing experience, so it is definitely my turn next – plus I always feel rather scruffy in Istanbul if I venture out of the tourist area! I am always amazed at how much Istanbul women even dress up to go to shopping malls…

  3. Hi kozano great blog about Instanbul and hard to find generally what you find in internet its 100% comercial marketing ,but i will ask you some questions i am travelling next 28 of february and i will apreciate any sugesttions for conquer a lady some good ,romantic restaurants for dinner please not tourist ones its our first meeting so it must be special we are going to be 6 nights so it will be good also if you tell me some nice discos were we can dance plus some cafes for the afternoons or any other suggestion were we can go,i am regular traveller to India so if you want some good information mail me,thanks in advance

    Best regards


  4. Hi Kozano!

    I really enjoy reading your posts. I study journalism in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in 10 days my fellow students and I are heading for Istanbul to produce magazines on various topics. We are all very excited!

    Your post on hairdressers inspired me and my group, and we have chosen to write about the ‘urban places of the sexes’. That is, characteristic places – such as the hairdressers – that tell of the interplay between or within the sexes.

    We have considered doing articles on hamams, on hairdressers, on markets, and maybe on a football match. With your knowledge of Istanbul, do you know of places that somehow characterize life of the sexes in Istanbul?

    They may be quirky, funny places that are not necessarily descriptive of the general population but may also be just that! I hope you can decipher what it is I am asking of you:) I hope to hear from you and keep posting!

    All the best


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