23 comments on “Istanbul on Sea – Turkbuku, Bodrum

  1. Gunaydin,
    I had no idea that Turkbuku was a “jetty place”. So, I found your article quite interesting as this is the place where I will be spending 9 days of my “pre-summer” holidays. I am not a “jetty” person but nevertheless I am sure I will enjoy it. I like to observe people to whom the way they look is more important than who they are! Yes, I will be one of those who is putting the Princess Hotel down on the market.
    Tesekur ederim

    • You will really like Princess Hotel, it’s little private bay is very pretty, that firts photo with the umbrellas is taken there. Make sure you go to Turkbuku bay at night, even only for the people watching, it’s fun!! Have a great holiday.

  2. Hi Kozano – you seem to know Turkbuku very well. I’m about to book my hotel for this summer in late june start july and was wondering about the hotels. Is it worth paying EUR 325 for Maca Kizi over EUR 200 for Maki Hotel? Does it make a big difference where you stay or is it pretty much all the same. thanks so much, Michael

    • I’ve not stayed in either, but have been to their beach clubs many times. They are right next to each other and Maki does not have a bad reputation at all, Maca Kizi is more established, in larger land and at the very end of the bay, a bit more exclusive. Its beach club and food is really nice, but Maki is not bad at all. I can’t see that it would make that much difference, Maki has the advantage of being able to strall into the rest of Turkbuku more easily. If you want to rub shoulders with Turkish celebrities(!) then head to Maca Kizi 🙂

  3. Hello Kozano,

    Thank you for all the information about Turkbuku!

    I’m planning to spend 4 days with my husband in the begining of August.
    We have been to Mykonos, Hvar and St Tropez last year and we loved, so we think that this year Turkbuku will be a nice choice.

    Wich hotel do you recommend? We were in doubt between Macakizi and KUUM. KUUM seems to be more modern and a “hit in 2008” but Macakizi seems more reserved and exclusive, witch I also like.

    Thank you very much for your attention,

    Maria Luisa

    • Kuum is a lovely hotel, quiet, and very modern. You need a short transport to the restaurants and cafes of Turkbuku though. Maca kizi is older and more established and a beautiful beach club and easier for access to the main Turkbuku restaurants and bars but which also means may be a bit more noisy at night. Saying that our house just on the hill behind Macakizi and it’s not that noisy. So if you want new cutting edge design it’s Kuum, an older established hotel Macakizi. They both attract similar clientele, their beach clubs equally nice (I spent many days in Kuum last year) Kuum being newer you may have more attention as a client than Macakizi as Macakizi have their regulars from Istanbul, but this is just speculation.
      You can also have a look at Ada, Ev and Divan Palmyra.

  4. Dear Kozano,
    Thank you very much for the extensive information and having purchased a villa in Yalikavak we plan to tour the peninsular this summer and would focus very much on Turkbuku after your excellent post. Let it sound funny but are children welcome in Turkbuku and would you kindly recommend child-friendly places in there so that our 7 girl could feel at home there too?
    Many thanks in advance,

    • Turkey is a very child friendly place and Turkbuku is not an exception. Turkish people take their kids with them to most places, all beach clubs and restaurants are child friendly and staff spoil them. Don’t be surprised or alarmed when people pick them up, squeeze their cheeks and play with them, even in Turkbuku. The jetty area becomes very club-like in the late evening and very loud so after 10 – 11pm you would not want to stay out late but even then you’ll see children that age or younger. The right half (when you are facing the sea) of Turkbuku is quieter and ideal for a stroll at night with small shops, stalls selling jewellery and trinkets, ice cream places, small family friendly cafes. I am taking my little boy to Turkbuku in September (he will be 4.5 months old)

      • Dear Kozano,
        Thank you very much for assuring us in travelling around and enjoying Turkey all together and congratulations and all the best in your maternity!
        Best regards,

  5. Kozano,

    I just wanted to thank you for your blog! This was the most incredibly helpful bit of information on Turkbuku that I found in one place! I’ve been searching online for hours, and was piecing together disparate information – but this helps to validate what I was thinking.

    I’m going at the end of June and was thinking of booking the Maki. But based upon what I’ve read, I’m now considering EV and Ada hotels. Being in a convenient, central location is important to me, as well as being in a hip, cool scene. Would you have a recommendation between one of those three options?

    Thanks again. I’m very much looking forward to my trip!

      • I had a great time in Turkbuku! I ended up staying at the Maki, which was wonderful. We also very much enjoyed the food at the Divan Hotel. We went there twice for dinner!

  6. Hey Kozano,

    I Absolutely loved your blog so helpful! Ive actually been to Istanbul and Izmir about 2 years ago and fell in love. Im going back this summer in July for a month and plan on Visiting Bodrum this time. My question is that Im a little confused with picking a Hotel Maca Kizi is definitely a top choice of mine but my mother really likes the Kempinski in Barbaros Bay! which I know is on a completely different side from Turbuku. Me being young I want to be near the night life of course! My question to you is, do you know if that Hotel is far from any of the city areas and night life?

    • Kempinki is really quite far, on a secluded bay with no town nearby. It is a stunning property but remote and self contained. You need shuttle or taxi to and from Bodrum town which is the closest. Turkbuku would be too far to go probably. Maca Kizi is a more luxury boutique hotel and Kempinski a luxury AI. very different. A very difficult choice to make!

      • Hey Kozano,

        Thank you for getting back to me really appreciate it! Well we havent made any final decisions yet, this was really helpful! But Im definitely going to push for a more central location Hotel.

        Cant wait for July, Super Excited!!!

  7. HI Kozano…great blog!

    I’ve booked a place in Turkbuku for early August and amlooking forward to enjoying the sunshine, drinks and dancing in what looks a wonderful setting.

    As I will be travelling with a group of friends (4 guys and 2 girls) I was wondering what the door policy at the Beach Clubs is like? Are they selective and strict as to who they let in?

    Coming all the way from Australia, we are keen to do something different and party with the locals instead of falling into the usual tourist trap and staying in Bodrum town.


    • Just arrived at Turkbuku today so I will update very soon! But generally they have some kind of general door policies to eliminate the most undesireables but in Turkbuku money and style talks so unless it is a very busy weekend it should not be a problem. Get the girls to wear bling kaftans and sandals and wear huge shades 🙂 Never underestimate the power of a little tipping the door staff if it seems entry may be a problem and try to go before noon. The jetties in Turkbuku bay itself this year are not allowed to charge for entry any more and can only charge for food and drinks consumed, which is good news. Maca Kizi, Kuum will operate as usual.

    • I’m back from Turkbuku!!! I again spent most of my time in either Kuum or Macakizi. Macakizi has a bit more strict door policy, they operate a VIP card system in busy times. Kuum does not but the Kuum restaurant, I am warning you, is very expensive. This year the exclusive Istanbul restaurant group 29 took over the management and hiked up the prices. But they made the place even nicer. Kuum does not have minimum spend. Maca Kizi requires you to spend 125TL, Divan Palmira 100TL and Maki 125TL.

  8. It’s really unusual to find somebody who has so much great advise about Turkbuku — I went there for the first time this year – and it is the premium spot on the Bodrum Peninsula to spend a day. The Bay was beautifully clear and clean, and we had a great day there.

    It would be great to have you as a guest blogger on my Bodrum site – especially to blog about Turkbuku. I haven’t come across many people who even know where it is, let alone have visited it.

      • That’d be great. The only strict guidelines for my site are that the content is relevant to the Bodrum Peninsula – other than that – you pretty much have free reign.

        There’s a few different options depending on how much content you want to write.

        1. Top 5 in less than 50 – create a list (or lists) of your top 5 picks – in less than 50 words
        2. Top 5 Waxing Lyrical – create a list of your top 5 picks – but you can use as many words as you like
        3. A free-form narrative of any topic to do with the Bodrum peninsula.

        So whether you like structure of creating a Top 5 list, or you’d prefer to create free-form content – the choice is yours.

        As you have so much knowledge about Turkbuku – it would be good to leverage that to create the guest blog post. And if you have so much content you’re not sure what to focus on — how about creating a bunch of smaller posts.

        The goal of my site is to showcase different peoples experience of the Bodrum Peninsula – as everyone has different tastes and interests, the key way I can ensure a cross section of information, is to encourage content submissions from guest bloggers.

        If you click on Top 5 in my tag cloud you’ll see examples of some previous top 5 posts.

        Let me know if you have any questions. I really look forward to including some of your content on my site. Feel free to email me it you need additional input. thanks, Jay

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