6 comments on “Meyhane Etiquette

  1. Kozano,
    Thank you for all your helpful info, here and elsewhere.
    What do you think is a good time to get to a Meyhane on a Friday evening?

  2. Thank you SO much .. this will make our Istanbul visit perfect! You do a wonderful service . . . thanks again . . Anne

  3. hi. thank you for your blogs. i have 2 questions as we get ready to return to Istanbul next week (and we missed the meyhanes the 1st time)..

    1. do you have any recent experience (or from friends) as to the above meyhanes listed i think in 2008? we would be looking forward to going to a fun spirited meyhane as we’ll have our 25, 23, 20 and 14 year old kids with us who, like us enjoy a great spirited atmosphere (and can contribuet towards it).

    2. are the meyhanes like the ones you recommend above only lively like that on a Friday or Saturday evening? would they also be full and FUN on a sunday-thursday (we’re talking about december 24 – january 1).

    thanks so much! kindest regards,


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