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  1. Hello,

    I am so happy to find a blog about real Istanbul from a local in English. I am planning for my second trip to Istanbul and would love to go shopping where you guys shop and have a “café” where you guys have drinks 😉

    Thanks for the blog and keep the great work.


  2. Hi Kozano,

    I will be in Stambul soon. So I am reading all your tips and info. And I need your advice… – thanks a lot in advance!
    1. Please recommend us a good, first of all clean hotel in the city centre. We want to be close to the famous places – walking distance to the shops, restaurants. Do you know maybe any new hotel? If it is new it is usually clean 😉

    2. You have mentioned above about the new chic mall for all interior design, furniture, home items – what is the name of this mall? Do you know the address or website?

    3. I love the antique markets (old furniture, ceramics,etc.)- which areas do you propose to visit? You have written about Cukurcuma. Is it the best place? What is it exactly – small shops or market? What are the opening hours?

    I would appreciate your answer. Thank you very much!

    • Hi Lepota,
      For your first question can I refer you to tripadvisor’s Istanbul forum where this question has been discussed many times, and I am one of the destination experts in this forum.
      2. The interior design mall is called Addres Istanbul : http://www.addresistanbul.com/
      3. Cukurcuma is the place to go. The area is full of small independent shops, not a street market so opening times are when shops want to be open! Some open all week, some are only a couple of days. I know it is in Turkish but check out this website, and click on the individual shop links to have a flavour. http://www.cukurcuma.net/antikahediyelik/
      I would probably go a weekday afternoon.

      • Hi Kozano,

        thanks a lot for your tips and recommendations. Istanbul is really interesting city. The weather was not nice, but we’ve visited many places. Aya Sofya is impressive! We’ve spent there about 2 hours.
        We’ve visited also Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern
        Yerebatan Caddesi, Topkapi Palace. We had a long walk within Cukurcuma – the antique shops were open and we’ve entered each of them. However these shops are rather small and the choice of items is limited. One with the 50’s-60’s objects is great. At the Grand Bazaar we’ve bought the spices, tea and fabrics. A! and really delicious pistachios lokum.
        We’ve visited Addres Istanbul absolutely 😉 (the taxi drivers do not know it…). The offer is not so wide, but the place is worth to go. Especially good choice of glass and ceramics. One boutigue offers really good design – diseno.
        We’ve spent our Sunday forenoon in Ortakoy. There was the small handcraft market. The view of Bosphorus and the bridge is totally nice. We have taken the ferry to the Asian side.
        …and so on… Many places and many things to do.
        Greetings, lepota

  3. Hi Kozano,

    Thanks for your previous answer. Awesome 🙂

    We will be staying in Sultanhmet, is it that difficult to get to Nisantasi, Bebek, Kanyon and Istniye park or Bagdad street? Although i have good orientation skills, i know that the traffic can be tough in Istanbul (if we take a cab).

    I have also another question about food: For modern restaurants i have this selection but i am looking really for those modern classy sight seeing restaurants located at some last floor of huge building and having a view on whole istanbul ;): i found these:
    Litera terrace
    360° Istanbul

    worth it? or you have another suggestion?

    Last question: I am looking for leather product, actually trendy leather jackets? where to find good quality with good price?

    Again thanks a lot,


    • Nisantasi is not too far off Taksim square , if you know how to get there, take a taxi from Taksim. Kanyon mall can be reached by direct metro from Taksim (1 line) but for Bebek I personally would choose tram to Kabatas and then taxi.
      Restaurants with good views I can recommend are Vogue, Mikla, Leb-i Derya (instead of Litera whose views are a bit restricted since they buit something in front), Sunset, Ulus 29. 360 is also good, not been there for a while though, great views and then becomes a club.
      Really trendy leather jackets I would recommend Derishow which has a very avant guarde designs but very pricy (I think there is one in Istinye Park mall), or Derimond, and also Teodem which are very good quality but more reasonably priced.

  4. It is usually in January, more or less after New Year and last until they run out of stock!!!! There are also regular mid season sales.

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